Cleaning Gallery

Annual Cleans, Deep Cleans, Floor Restoration

“To this day, we are always amazed just how dirty many buildings have been before we came along. They were definitely in need of some help from Voyager’s team. 

This gallery isn’t here to “name and shame”, but rather to document our cleans as we tackle them, and in some galleries, to see before & after photos.  In addition, our Annual Deep Cleans are also an excellent opportunity to tackle hard to reach areas on daily cleaning, which allows us to tackle dirt and grime that usually goes unseen. 


New Site Clean

We were really pleased to be able to help out this new client, by bringing their lovely building back up to the cleaning standard expected, after having suffered for so long with inadequate cleaning. Here you’ll see a lot of the dirt, dust, grime and body fats we found, and tackled! Voyager now runs a daily cleaning programme to ensure the cleaning standards required are met.

Vinyl Floor Restoration 

In this project, Voyager restores a very old vinyl floor that was discovered under old carpet, for a retail client in town, which, as a new business, was hoping to avoid the expense of all new flooring. Using a lot of intense floor stripping with our rotary floor scrubbers, before restoring layers of polish, we were able to give this tired old floor, a new lease of life!

New Site Clean 

This gallery documents just some of the “Initial Deep Cleans” that were required for new sites we took on throughout 2016 & 2017, bringing them back up to the Reputable Voyager Standard. These sites now receive Daily Cleaning, and are Regulated and Maintained to High Standards. 

Annual Deep Clean 

Some images from one of our clients Annual Deep Cleans, including washing down, floor scrubbing and carpet cleaning. 

New Site Clean 

This gallery documents just some of the dirt, dust and grime we tackled when we took on this new client originally. Since then, we have successfully maintained an effective daily cleaning programme to ensure the high standards they now enjoy, are consistently achieved.